Illegal Mining in South Africa

  According to the Department of Mineral Resources, South Africa is fast losing control of illegal mining in shut-down shafts. Illegal mining has a serious impact on South Africa and the mining industry: • Cost to taxpayers • Health and safety risks. Damage to infrastructure poses a serious risk, while legal miners’ safety is threatened … Read more


APCAN COMMUNITY! There has been an increase in dustbin related crimes in our footprint, here is more information to help combat these would-be criminals: Placing your dustbin out early or on the evening for the garbage removal services, means that it sits on the pavement overnight and can be used as a method of entry … Read more

World Bee Day!

World Bee Day! On one flight from the hive to collect honey, a honey bee will visit between 50 and 100 flowers. -A bee must visit about four million flowers to produce 1kg of honey. -One beehive of honey bees can produce up to 150kg of honey per year. Worker bees produce about 1/12th of … Read more


The Nato Phonetic Alphabet was used as a communication medium in the early 1900s by the US and British Army/Navy/Marines. The alphabet was effectively used to send messages/codes/information with the correct spelling or coordinates. Making our people, client’s and community aware of these codes is very important and can be the difference if we can … Read more

Happy Mothers Day to all the APCAN SUPER Mothers!

APCAN wishes all our mothers a happy and wonderful mothers day! You are the anchor in our lives and nothing is stronger than the love of a mother for her child! We will protect you as you protected us. Treat your Super Mom this mothers day with Jamie Oliver’s Strawberry & cream sandwich sponge. Recipe … Read more

SHOPLIFTING – an “opportunistic crime” that is costing the ECONOMY BILLIONS

Shoplifting is a crime that affects virtually almost every business sector in society. The consequences of shoplifting ultimately affect business owners and employees, business patrons, and the perpetrators in an unfavourable way. The consequences of shoplifting in some cases set up new businesses to fail. Businesses lose a huge amount of money as a result … Read more

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